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Basic translation: Spirits have a hierarchy of most important to least important. But no matter what, they have to follow whatever Ultimate (big dwagon snekky) says cause it's the top dog. And they all have to do whatever Creator (god) says over anything else.

Spirits featured here are of course, Spirit Ultimate, the Calestine (Spirit of Hatred & Pity), Spirit of Death, Spirit of the Suns, and a wee little wandering Spirit... who EVER could that be? HMM.

Some spirits don't have a labelled purpose or responsibility. They are more like little worker bees in a way, or otherwise just guys who hang out and monitor things or do maintenance work, if you will. Even something as simple as a spirit who wanders a forest and its presence brings life to the foliage. Every little bit counts.

 Favorite part: Overall color scheme/shapes!  
Least Favorite part: Text is never fun to do on these pages lol

 Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-The balloons/text (unless it's a phrasing suggestion/misspelling issue)

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