Chapter 4 Cover

Kailani had once believed the past was in the past, but with more questions arising around her purpose in The Selection, it becomes difficult to forget old memories. As the realization that her life will never quite be the same starts to sink in, the last thing she expects is to find comfort in another hybrid. Likewise, Federico must learn how to cope with his uprooted lifestyle, and decide whether or not he is willing to open himself up or surrender to his old habits. 

Happy Hooligans and Merry Crimbus everyone!!

Although the next chapter is not ready to go live just yet, I wanted to give everyone a little gift by presenting the cover before the end of the year! This way, at the very least, you'll have theories rolling in for what the new chapter shall bring~ Until then, happy guessing and have a wonderful end of the year and a (hopefully) splendid new year in 2023!!

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