Frequently Asked Questions

World Questions

Q: On what planet does the story take place?
A. Ambivia.
Q: What country does the story take place?
A: Prodigus, in the city West Shore.
Q: What IS an Ambivian exactly?
A: Ambivians are a cat-like alien race! A variety of races make their home on Ambivia, including Tillanix, Lanians, Swivel, and others:
Q: What's the lifespan of your races?
A: It differs widely. It’s not uncommon for Ambivians to reach 130-150 years. Tillanix only get about 60 or 70 while a Lanian can live 200+.
Q: Are there other planets that support life nearby?
A: Yes. There are several, including Duganist, Xanétean, Swivikka, plus others. They are all apart of the FaléQZ system.
Q: Do all Ambivians have 3 tails?
A: No. Only Royals have 3 tails. Normal Ambivians (non-Royal) have 2 tails. Kits (children) have 1 for the first of their life until they eventually grow more as they age. Older Ambivians can have 4 or more depending.
Q: Do the multiple tails have any significance?
A: Only for telling apart social classes and age.
Q: How can you tell apart normal Ambivians from Royals?
A: Royals have 3 tails, distinct eye markings, and dark purple skin. They are also vibrantly colored with extravagant markings. Normal Ambivians have 2 tails, no eye markings, light purple skin, and natural colors and patterns.
Q: Why do some Ambivians have antennae while others don’t?
A: Firstly, only MALE Ambivians have the possibility to lack antennae (unless it’s a deformity). The reason for which lies in the male genes, which takes antennae as either a dominant or recessive gene. If the recessive gene is taken then he will not be born with antennae. In early developmental history for the species, some males developed a "masking gene" in their chromosomes that caused a lacking of antenna. These males have this mutation on their "Y" chromosome, which means it is transferred to only males. So every son of an Ambivian male that lacks antennae will also lack antennae. Here is a chart to explain further:
Q: What’s the purpose of the antennae?
A: In the past, antennae were used as a defensive mechanism (and in Ambivian folklore as a gift from Creator). In modern times they no longer serve a purpose except to express intense emotions or to show respect to others when they “ignite”.
Q: Is "Creator" the only god people follow?
A: Yes, Ambivia has a one-world religion "base". However, different people worship different spirits and have varying beliefs, like denominations.

Comic and Character Questions

Q: Was The Selection (the event) a one-time thing or does it occur all the time?
A: The Selection occurred only one time and only in the country Prodigus.
Q: Are all of the “selectees” the same age?
A: No, their ages range quite a bit. Selectees may be as young as 18, or as old as 30.
Q: How about their spouses?
A: Some Selectees were paired with other Selectees so their ages range between 18-30. Some spouses are older, 30-50+. So there could be small or wide age gaps, depending.
Q: How old are our cast?
A: I haven't decided formally (because I'm indecisive) but here are rough ages (within a few years): Note these are HUMAN EQUIVALENTS. Ambivian years-specifically may be different. Kailani (23), Tanner (25), Jacky (22), Jenelle (26), Brandon (19), Triplets (4), Federico (equal to 40).
Q: Are Kailani and the others related?
A: Biologically, no, but legally yes (they were adopted by the same guardian).
Q: Is Finnie their Foster Mother?
A: She once was, but she is presently their legal mother as she adopted them. They do not call her "Mother" but they treat her as if she is.
Q: Were the Triplets in the Selection too?
A: No, the Selection period ended long before the Triplets were even born (it only lasted about a year).
Q: If Royals are supposed to have that marking around their eyes, why doesn’t Tanner have it? And why does Brandon only have one in later pages?
A: Tanner has less "quality" Royal blood in him, which caused him to be born without it. Brandon is the same. This happens sometimes.
Q: Are the couples in the event only straight?
A: The marriages themselves are all heterosexual-paired due to the point being to "make babies and improve the bloodline" but, sadly, NOT all individuals are actually straight and there are plenty of queer characters who were put into The Selection (with or without consent). All orientations exist, but they had no say in their choice of partners. This does not make them any less queer.

Author Questions

Q: What inspired you to create the Selection?
A: I had a dream. But like, an actual dream. And thought "That'd make a great comic!" like a fool. As well, I was inspired in little bits from the book “Hard Times” by Charles Dickens, Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame, and especially songs from the bands RED and Skillet.
Q: Is “Creator” God?
A. It can be whatever you want him/her/it/them to be!
Q: What do you categorize the comic as?
A: Drama/Furry mostly, but Slice-of-Life or Scifi are also relevant.
Q: Gross why did you use Comic Sans for early pages?
A: Because Graphic Design is my passion.
Q: What font do you use now?
A: Suplexmentary Comic NC!
Q: How do you rate the comic?
A: It varies by chapter. I’d rate the entire series as T+ or PG-13, though, for sensitive themes and some naughty language now and again.
Q: What programs do you use?
A: Older pages (Ch.1) used Photoshop Elements, newer pages use Clip Studio Paint.
Q: Do you also use traditional methods?
A: Yes! I thumbnail, sketch, and ink my comics traditionally! On boring 32lb paper (sometimes regular if I run out). Chapter 1 only used traditional sketches.
Q: Can I have a cameo?
A: If you happen to make your own fanchar I wouldn’t mind slipping it in as a background character should it ever come up~ Just ask!
Q: Can I draw fanart of your characters?
A: Well, of course! Just give me a link to it if you post it up.
Q: Can I make a fanfiction from your story?
A: If you want to! That’d be neat-o.
Q: Do you take critique or allow reviews?
A: I can't stop people but generally speaking I only ask for critique on the finale of each chapter, and take the feedback to use for future chapters! This is because I know the comic is flawed. It is an experiment through and through, and I don't find daily criticism particularly effective anymore. But when I ask for it on chapter finales? Have at it! As well, if I do anything problematic that needs to be changed ASAP, that is perfectly fine to speak up about too!
Q: Didn't the characters used to be a lot younger? Why did you change it?
A: Yes, in the past, Ambivians became adults at the age of 15 because I wrote the story when I was 16 and didn't know any better like a dumb little child. I genuinely thought it was fine (the age of 15 specifically was based on the concepts of quinceañeras)! After a point, I realized it created negative connotations and had many people express discomfort, so I properly aged everyone up. So currently, every adult is above the age of 18!

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