Is this the new Animorphs?!

Basic Translation: Spirits can walk among people, but they gotta put on disguises. Harkening back to Chapter 3's intro, it's against spirit law to show a mortal its true form.

Technically speaking, no one knows what any spirit truly looks like. What is "depicted" in artwork in-canon is assumption or idealizations. This is why many spirits have similar portrayals, but often they don't look exactly the same.

In mortal disguise, they could tell people they're spirits but whether or not they are believed will vary. Generally, though, they don't tell people cause that's just too much responsibility. Unless... Cult time?!

Favorite part: All of it, really!
Least favorite part: Background maybe?

Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention): -Text/narration balloons again lol

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