Creepin' around.

We're back baby!!!!!!!!!

This break was absolutely necessary for my mental health, but I did really miss updating! I have enough pages to last me till the end of the year, and I will get started on the next buffer as quickly as possible. Each chapter is 64 pages so we are creeping close to the end of this one! Excited to get it together at last!

The pages in this batch (up to 53) are already posted up to flats on my Patreon! The completed pages will be posted in the next week or so for Royals and Queens. So if anyone wants to peek ahead, check it out!

Until then, it's INTERROGATION TIME!

Favorite panel: 2
Least Favorite panel: 3

Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-Perspective errors and size inconsistencies.

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