Sorry but mental health is more important, ya know?

Pages are still being worked on so I'll actually have a buffer this time. It had fallen to such a bad point I was getting pages done the week before and even that was a huge struggle. It was so stressful, and when life hit me hard back in June it only has gotten worse. I got some rough news recently and it just put me over the edge.

You'll still see me working on projects publicly but it doesn't mean TS is being neglected! I am working a lot on the backend. With hope things will be looking up, but because I don't know what the outcome of the latest news will be just yet, I don't want to give a hard date on when pages will start being posted. It won't be forever I can assure you that! I have a rough estimate things will return end of August at latest, but at worse case sometime in September. No later than that for sure! I wanna show off this chapter cause it's about to GET GOOD!

Anyway, see ya then! Check out my Patreon if you want early access or to support me! Link is on the top right of the page above the Twitter Timeline!

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