Memories of unrest.

This page gave me a lot of trouble, but not-so-much because of the page itself so much as complications with my arm being hurt uhhh ya know. Again. When it stopped hurting just enough for me to draw, the art just turned out bad (I think because all that week I was using my hands/arms a LOT at work so by the time I came home my body was just like "No!! No more!!") So in the end it's not as great as I envisioned buuut it's not disappointing so I just called it done and moved on.

I actually based the city off of Savannah, GA a bit lol
I enjoy working with b/w so I chose to go this route for the flashback versus the sepia tone I've used in the past!

Also... a bit of a disclaimer: the plotline for Federico's past has been around for many many years and in no way was inspired by or is based upon current events! It's just... kinda sad and ironic the timeline matched up with what is going on in the world. :c

Favorite panel: 4
Least Favorite panel: 3

Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-Perspective errors and size inconsistencies.
-The entire cityscape because LOL give me a break.

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