Timeline of ink.

Fun fact: Ambivians (or a Lanivian in Kailani's case) are not familiar with tattoos because it's not something they do because of their fur. Dying fur or applying temporary fur effects is the closest relation, but neither of these are permanent. Lanives and Lanians could in theory, but their skin is more sensitive due to their semi-aquatic nature so it's not something readily done, and definitely nothing Kailani would have known about anyway.

Tillanix, which are scaled reptillians, can do tattoos somewhat, but they are also not permanent due to scale shedding and the way scales work. It's also just not something culturally seen (Tillanix culturally do piercings and body mods).

Sheski skin is sorta a mix between human skin and a scaleless snake I imagine? And while they still shed too, it is less frequent and the ink is able to last longer. Just like human tattoos, they need to be touched up from time to time.

So this is why Kailani is astounded. Tats just aren't a thing anyone knows exists at all!

The ink is purposefully applied the same color as an exterior natural color they may have (Feddy's fingers ARE natural markings, not tats). This makes them appear like markings when they are not. And yes, he has... WAY more tats hidden under there. You'll see them all one day... :eyes emoji:

These tattoos were designed with help from Merteazy!

Favorite panel: 4
Least Favorite panel: 3

Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-Perspective errors and size inconsistencies.

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