Hello friend.

R E V E A L. I have been waiting for this page to come into reality for years. Like at least 8 years since I had the exact layout in my head. So I am EXTREMELY pleased I finally got to this point!

Also yes. I hid the Cat's left ear this entire time. Every single time the Cat is in view the ear is turned away or the Cat is facing the opposite direction. I was dedicated since its first clearly visible appearance on page 64 of Chapter 1 back in 2013. I'm really proud of myself for that lol

So, that's a wrap on Chapter 3!! I was shook that it seemed to sneak up on me so quickly! I honestly struggle to believe I'm completing entire chapters now after so many years of dragging along... This chapter took a little under 3 years to make (2 years and 8 months roughly, starting mid-Sept. of 2019) vs. the 5 and 6 years Ch.1 and 2 took, respectively. That's double the speed?? Heeeelllll yeah, boooiis. And that was with a mini hiatus in there!

Speaking of Hiatuses, it's time for the usual chapter-break hiatus. I will not give a specific time frame for when Chapter 4 will begin, but I would like to take this month (June) to do NO comic work at all and genuinely use it as a vacation from it to clear my palette. Then I'd like to take July to work on the script and start concepts and maybe get into thumbnails and sketches by the end. So with that in mind, I will project something will show up in August! Patreon will still stay activated during the hiatus since I post other stuff on there too, but to make up for the gap I'll be doing a handful of freebie stuff for Patrons! Probably something special for each month. I smell another group picture theme on the horizon!!

That said, it's that time again for our routine end-of-chapter questions and open feedback! Feel free to answer all or some of these questions, or just use them as inspiration for your own comments!
• Do you have any thoughts or theories on the story thus far?
• What was your favorite scene in this chapter? Any specific character interactions?
• A lot of new characters were introduced this chapter. Do you have any new favs?
• Who do you absolutely HATE and want to throw off a cliff? Choose your answer wisely. The Overlords are listening.
• What's one thing I could focus on in Chapter 4 that would improve the experience, or otherwise something you liked a lot that you'd like to see more of?

Favorite panel: Last
Least Favorite panel: 2

Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-Perspective errors and size inconsistencies.

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